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Mounted Battle
Dynamic Engagement 'Mounted Battle'

  • Enjoy dynamic engagement with your opponents on your mount.
  • With Battle Formation system, explore the vast landscape and coordinate your tactics with other members of the Order as you engage others in the Riding Battle system. Quickly establish your formation to meet the fast-changing combat situations to enjoy the dynamic battle to its max.

Order of Knights
We Stand Together! 'Order of Knights'

  • The Order of Knights system promotes cooperation and unity among players.
  • The Order's reputation enhances each member's game play and every one in the Order must work together to build it up.
  • Battle of Orders, with up to 50 vs 50, requires greater cooperation than ever.
  • Enjoy the strategic combat by sharing and discussing battle tactics in real-time via the Order of Knights Command system.

Instance Dungeons
Experience a Different 'Instance Dungeon' Everytime!

  • Enjoy a more dynamic gaming experience with the dungeon that adapts to your decisions and actions.
  • Experience a variety of instance dungeons including party dungeons, solo play dungeons, dungeons designed for mass riding combat and dominance dungeons.

A Potent Partner : The 'Pupa'
A Potent Partner : The 'Pupa'

  • You can obtain common to rare eggs, hatch them for Pupae and raise them.
  • These great helpers produce 'Pantas', gems used for item augmentation.
  • The combination of the pet system and the augmentation system make this a preferred option for character development and weapon enhancement.

Spectacular Graphics
A Visual Treat, ‘Spectacular Graphics’!

  • From grand forests and snow-covered fields to rocky shores, experience the world of Knight Age with unique characters in various vibrant settings driven by world concepts and scenarios.
  • Take quests from quirky NPCs and perform them along with your trusty Pupa, or explore various locations on a stylish mount in the world of Knight Age.
  • Build your character with items gained from fighting a variety of comical and charismatic monsters.